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Precision High Tolerance Grinding of Mold Plates

One of the most difficult jobs a professional grinding company can undertake is to precision grind plates for the injection molding industry. The high tolerances required and the challenges involved in grinding these stainless steel molds make this a very advanced process - and one that many grinding companies shy away from. However, at Precision Grinding, our surface grinding facility has been in business since 1995, and we specialize in taking on even the most difficult and challenging projects.

A high profile customer in the plastic injection molding and consumer products industry required our services to grind mold plates. The plates were made from stainless steel and needed to have a 32 RMS finish. With our advanced equipment and extensive experience in grinding stainless, we were pleased to take on the job. Our expert machinists performed precision surface grinding to finish these molds to dimensions of 5” x 30” x 30”. Accuracy was of the highest importance, and we were able to hold the tolerances on these molds to ±0.0005”. This was a low-volume, specialty order, and we took care to ensure that every mold plate met our customer’s precise specifications.

Our client was pleased with our grinding and finishing work. They have since returned to us for a number of repeat orders. While projects such as this are among the most difficult and push a grinder’s capabilities to the limit, our experience and expertise allows us to provide these services again and again.

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High Tolerance Grinding of Mold Plates

Capabilities Applied/ Processes
Surface Grinding
Overall Part Dimensions
5” x 30” x 30” *review
Tightest Tolerances
+/- .0005
Material Used
Stainless Steel
Material Finish
32 RMS
Industry for Use
Plastic Injection Molding
Consumer Products
Low Volume
Standards Met
Customer Specifications